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Children and Youth

A large selection of childrenʼs publications (50,000 items) is available to visitors in the Childrenʼs Library, as well as educational, creative and lively informational literacy activities, meetings with authors of childrenʼs literature, and physically active games as well as board games. Parents with kids, who are often in a hurry, will find interesting and useful literature. If necessary, visitors can use the libraryʼs computers or their own mobile devices. Wireless internet access is available at the Childrenʼs Library. The librarians are always prepared to advise or assist those looking for information or books.
Also, make sure to check out the Maker Space (Kūrybos laboratorija), where visitors can get acquainted with Lego robots and microbits, as well as use a cutting plotter to make themselves a sticker or a t-shirt decoration.