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Internship and Volunteering


The reasons why it is worth choosing our library for traineeship or volunteering is because we are:

  • friendly, always improving and open to new experiences of the library;
  • the largest public library in the city of Vilnius, in which large numbers of readers visit and many events and educational activities are held;
  • the methodology centre for the libraries of the Vilnius region, so we can organise visits for you to the libraries of the less-densely-populated areas of Alytus and Vilnius counties;
  • located in the capital, the largest city in Lithuania, in which representatives of various cultures live and work together in peace, in which an active cultural life takes place, with a lot of entertainment and the wonderful Baroque-style Old Town.

If you would like to find out more about opportunities for traineeship or volunteering at the library, please write by email [email protected].